Sample Sales

Welcome to the insider world of sample sales.

Hidden away in the wholesale showroom buildings of the LA Fashion District reside designer showrooms of some of the world's most high-end, contemporary fashions as seen on the pages of fashion magazines and film. These showrooms and buildings are for the trade only and are closed to the general public, except on the last Friday of the month (only if it does not conflict with a market week), when some of these showrooms will sell their end-of-season samples to the general public at bargain prices.

PLEASE NOTE that not all showrooms participate and showroom buildings do not promote and are not involved in these events. Apparel samples are generally size 4 or 6 and most showrooms accept cash only.

Sample Sale Days
Sample sales are usually held the last Friday of the month.  You can contact the buildings directly to confirm participation.  The California Market Center, Cooper Design Space, Gerry Building and The New Mart , are all located at the intersection of 9th and Los Angeles Streets. Sample sale hours are generally 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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