The following is a list of frequently asked  questions and answers regarding the LA Fashion District.

Q. What  are the hours of operation in the LA Fashion District?
A. General business hours  are Monday - Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays are the busiest  days, as many stores that are wholesale-only will sell to the general public.  Sundays, only about 30% of the stores are open. Santee Alley and many stores  around Santee Alley are open 365 days a year. Individual store hours may vary,  contact stores directly.

Q. Is  the LA Fashion District open during holidays?
A. General business hours apply for holidays. Individual store hours may vary, contact stores directly.

Q. How  do I get to the LA Fashion District?
A. The LA Fashion  District is located in downtown Los Angeles and is easily accessible from the  110, 101, 10, 5, 60 freeways and by public transportation. For more detailed driving directions

Q. Where can I park and how much will it cost?
A. Parking is available in surface lots and structures on nearly every block of  the Fashion District and ranges from $8 - 15 for the day. Metered street  parking is also available.

Q. What  hotel accommodations are available?
A. While there are no  hotels located directly in the LA Fashion District, there are a wide array  of options in downtown.

Q. Where is Santee Alley located?
A. Santee Alley is an actual alley, located between Santee Street and Maple  Avenue. The Alley starts on Olympic Boulevard and goes for two blocks, where it  connects to the New Alley.

Q. What  credentials are needed in order to purchase wholesale?
A. Generally, In order to  purchase at wholesale in the LA Fashion District, a wholesale/resellers license  or tax ID number is required. Each store has its own minimum requirements, contact stores directly.

Q. What  is required to attend/register for market weeks?
A. Buyers and retailers  wishing to attend market weeks at The Intersection will need to register at  each building. At the Cooper Design Space, Gerry Building and The New Mart,  buyers and retailers are asked to bring a business card. At the California  Market Center, a photo I.D. and business card or business tax I.D. is required.

Q. How  do I start a fashion-related business?
A. See the Los Angeles Public Library's  Business Start-up Guide for information on business start-up. The Mayor's Economic Development Team is also  available to help you get started with permits, licenses and more.

Q. When  is the next sample sale?
A. Sample sales are  generally held on the last Friday of every month, as long as it does not  conflict with a market week.

Q. How  do I get a job/internship in the LA Fashion District?
A. A good resource for  finding jobs and internships in the LA Fashion District is through the  classified sections of the various industry publications.

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